Sunday, December 2, 2012


I was perusing the Missouri Conservation Dept. website the other day, reading up on the alternative season for deer. Normally I associate this season with all the crazy stuff like atlatlas (so crazy I can't even pronounce it) and leaping from trees with a knife between your teeth. I know, sounds insane but believe me, there's boys back in the hills that are probably doing it.

Anyway, turns out that the season now includes normal stuff, too, like muzzleloaders, longbows and HANDGUNS.

Now we're talking!

I'll be the first to admit I'm not obsessed with deer hunting like so many of my friends are. In fact, I've never killed one because I don't enjoy spending that much time in a tree stand or a blind, listening to the voices in my head. I'm a bird hunter. I like talking and walking, or sitting in a duck blind drinking a few beers and having some laughs with my buddies. Sitting by myself doesn't get it done.

So here's the question - which gun? The revolver is a .357 and the pistol a .45. Both'll get the job done. I'm maybe a slightly better shot with the .45 though at the distance I'd take a shot in the woods here it really won't matter.

Any opinions?


  1. That's the way I'm leaning. The only thing I'm thinking about is the downrange dangers. The .45 has a smaller chance of carrying really long distances. There isn't anything much downrange of where I hunt, just some pasture and the woods/creek where the deer bed at night. But still, that .357 packs one hell of a wallop. But it'll probably the weapon of choice. Guess I'll need to get a couple boxes of ammo this week and do a little shooting. It's been awhile since I shot .357 with it. I usually just shoot .38's. It's cheaper and a lot less painful.

  2. I don't hunt. My husband hasn't in years (for lots of reasons). We have a .357, and he probably would chose that between the two you own. He is always aware of 'downrange' so that would not be a problem for him.

    We have other pistols now - not widely used, and would probably choose one of those instead.

    I had to look up that atlatls because I had never heard of it. ;o)
    Good luck if you go!

  3. Thanks, Linda. The reason this season interests me is that I can easily carry a handgun when I do my other chores. Now that rifle season has been closed for a bit the deer are starting to get back into their normal rhythm. I walk up on them constantly during the course of doing chores around here. Two were down at the chicken coop the other day when I walked down to turn the birds out. Usually all I have to do is whistle to stop them when they run.

    Maybe I won't have to sit in the blind all day listening to the voices.