Thursday, December 6, 2012


That's my granddaughter Taylor in the picture above. And yes, she's tending bar. I figure it's never to early to learn a trade. Never know when she's going to have to get out and earn a living.

And this is my wife Kathy. She's on the other side of the bar, actively engaged in the work training process. There's nothing she won't do for that sacrifice she won't make. I love that woman!

Now, this is Taylor's favorite playground. She's absolutely obsessed with shootin' pool. What the hell..if tending bar doesn't work out she can always hustle a few games. And that's my wife Kathy in the picture, sinking the eight ball for the win. 

I'm surrounded by bad, bad women.

This is Taylor's Christmas present. A nice little 48" two piece cue with it's own carry case. She shoots pool at the Eagles every other Friday night. She's gonna look pretty awesome when she walks in with this!

Some kids play football, some play soccer. In our family we specialize in the more sophisticated sports, the ones that generally require a smoky room and the smell of old men and beer.

Somebody has to keep the traditions alive.

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