Wednesday, December 5, 2012


To follow up on the previous post:

These videos cover the basics of getting your station set up for digital broadcasting using the FLDIGI software and the Narrow Band Emergency Message system. NBEMS is widely used in ARES. These videos cover pretty much what you need to know.

Now, all you have to do is get involved in your local ARES group and start using them.

The software that you need to install FLDIGI can be found HERE.

The software for CHECKSR, which is covered in the last video, can be found HERE.

Now I've gotta get back to learning more about this stuff. I'm a newbie at it, too. And I expect to have a bunch of problems to work out as I go along. But that's one of the reasons you should join both your local ARES group and your local radio club. There're a lot of people that have been doing this a long time and most of them like nothing better than to pass along what they know. Why not accept their services?

I nearly forgot to tell you the best part - the software's FREE!!!

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